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There are certainly category of sites that leverage all the charm, sophistication and artistry of architecture and traditional interior designs, and it’s not necessarily websites dedicated to interior design agencies, home improvement ideas or furniture-related e-shops that simply obliged to include this sort of visual data on the home page in order to instantly make clear idea behind a website.

There are plenty of other types of websites that incorporate pictures of interior and exterior in their designs in order to make it more individual, exhaustive, urban and unique.

Today we take a closer look at websites that neatly and skillfully combine modern digital design tricks with aesthetics of interior and exterior.

Case 3D gets the feel of cleanliness, purity and style mainly from predominant white color that is accompanied by blue semi transparent layers and enthralling image of interior.

Also such approach is no stranger to different creative agencies that try to circumstantially convey friendly atmosphere of the office, boasting about organized and appealing workspace.