Customise Website


Several popular websites have let their homepages be customised by users. New web technologies have made it possible to add slicker customisation interfaces so more sites are allowing users to customise their pages.

customised website solution that you’d be crazy not to have. You’ve got no more excuses for not having your website up and running.

should you do the same? Will it make your website better for users or will it make it unnecessarily complicated? Will users even want this feature on your site?

Reposition content on the page -

Boxes containing content can be moved anywhere on the page (or even removed).

Add applications known as ‘widgets’ -

These are small applications often built in HTML and JavaScript that can be used to display content feeds (such as RSS) or perform more advanced functions. The most popular widgets on Google’s customisable web page, iGoogle, include a simple clock, a local weather summary, a daily horoscope and a Wikipedia search.